Here is my interview for the COACHING LIFE SHOW BY PHIL GODDARD
Episode 009 Deniz Türkçü

From struggling to thriving.

Deniz and I met a couple of years ago on Facebook, and whilst she has become a very special friend, she is also a previous client, and I have been privileged to play a small part in and witness first-hand some of her beautiful transformation and her building a thriving coaching practice.

There is a lot a back story in the episode, bear with us, it is worth it! You’ll get a glimpse of how transformational coaching has been for Deniz, how committed she is to her own work and development, and also how lovingly committed she is to serving her community and clients.

Deniz is the perfect example of the genuine coach killing it in her own way, achieving extraordinary results. There is no fluff here, only honesty, a little modesty (I know she’s killing it way more than she lets on in this interview,) and dedication to fun and loving service.

I hope you enjoy this one and are inspired to allow more fun and love into whatever you do.

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